Tankmaterial AG


Tankmaterial AG was founded by Mr. Curt Wiederkehr, owner of Wiederkehr Bauwerkzeuge AG in Buchrain.



H.P. "Holy" Holenstein was hired by Curt Wiederkehr as a commercial employee at Wiederkehr AG.

After six months, Mr. Holenstein moved to Tankmaterial AG.

From zero, Tankmaterial AG, which specializes in accessories, equipment and safety for tank overhauls, grew by 10% every year


Mr. Holenstein also founded HOLAG.

The company is active as a service and trading company in the construction industry.

It employs 11 people.

It also includes HOLAG-M AG, highly specialized in the sale of high-tech heating equipment to various European armies.


Mr. Holenstein bought Tankmaterial AG from Wiederkehr AG.


The company moves from Buchrain to its own premises in Emmen.

Today we are one of the last specialized providers for the tank revision trade.

The company currently has two employees.