Particle filter 30 P3

Protection class P3 R D

The high-performance particle filter 30 P3 is designed for use in areas contaminated by dust and aerosols. It has a particle separation efficiency > 99.95 % and meets the requirements for use in Ex zones 1 and 2 (IIA and IIB).

It is a particle filter in accordance with EN 143:2000 P3 RD. Plastic housing with round thread connection according to EN 148-1, separation rate > 99.95 %.

Pack of 5 pieces in a box, each individually shrink-wrapped in a PE bag. Weight per piece: < 50 g.


Version:Particle filter
EN standard:DIN EN 133DIN EN 148-1DIN EN 143:2000
Main application:Rock dust, glass wool, mineral fibers, wood dust, soot, steel dust, herbicides and pesticides (toxic), bacteria and viruses, rock dustGlass woolMineral fibersWood dustSootSteel dustHerbicides and pesticides (toxic)Bacteria and viruses
Filter range:P - Particles
Filter type:Particle filter
Product group:Respiratory filter
Product series:Screw filter
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