AFRISO - Digital tank level indicator DTA 10 with mounting kit Pneumofix 2

Location-independent level measurement with digital display and indication of a minimum level (reserve message) as part of a measuring process.

For tanks with heating oil EL, L (DIN 51603-1), diesel fuel (EN 590), water (no drinking water!), AdBlue®, liquid fuels according to DIN SPEC 51603-6 and DIN/TS 51603-8 as well as bio heating oil and biodiesel with up to 100 % FAME (EN 14214). This product is therefore ideal for all ecologically upgraded heating oil consumer systems that use the new paraffinic fuels HVO or GTL as an admixture or 100%. For the most accurate measured value display possible when using these fuels, the medium density must be determined and set on the DTA. In addition, DTA 10 can be used variably for level measurement for all non-aggressive liquids with a density of 0.5 to 1.5 g/cm3. Suitable for containers up to max. 400 cm filling height. Remote measurement (measuring line) up to 15 m.


Push-to-read level measurement

Measuring range (tank height)

Fuel oil:

0/400 cm


0/350 cm

Measuring accuracy

± 3 cm

Temperature application range

Environment: 0/50 °C

Storage: -20/+65 °C

Medium: 0/50 °C


Multi-coloured, graphic display (30 x 50 mm) with backlight,
white = operation,
red = alarm,
green = parameterization level,
display of liters (5 digits), % and fill level in cm

Measuring line

PVC hose 4 x 1 mm


20 m

Foot part:

Stainless steel

Supply voltage

9 V block battery

Minimum alarm

Red flashing background lighting during a measuring process


Wall-mounted housing made of impact-resistant plastic (PC/ABS)

W x H x D: 100 x 188 x 65 mm

Protection class: IP 20 (EN 60529)

Scope of delivery

  • Evaluation device with battery
  • Pneumofix type 2: 20 m measuring line with foot section, connection set for G½, G1, G1½ and G2, 30 x nail clamps, hose connector (4 x 4 mm), fastening material

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