Serto - Support sleeve SO 40003-12-10

Pack of 100 pieces Material: Brass CW508L Reinforcement: Thin-walled and soft pipes as well as all plastic pipes must be reinforced with support sleeves. For detailed information on reinforcement, see chapter i. For auxiliary tools for deburring and calibrating the pipes, see chapter 21. Type designation with D: for soft or very thin-walled copper pipe. Conversion for "d" for inch tubes: 6,35 = 1/4 9,52 = 3/8 12,7 = 1/2 15,88 = 5/8
TypeItem no.dd1LDskg/100
SO 40003-12-10016.0030.24012.0 mm10.0 mm20.0 mm11.5 mm0.4 mm0.195
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