Manhole cover with frame 100

Manhole cover for filling stations, watertight and easy to operate. For underground tank systems (round shafts of 100 cm or more). Manhole cover with decentralized service opening, rotatable into position for free access to the fittings.

Further advantages and specifications

  • Large service opening: With Ø 65 cm instead of the previous Ø 60 cm, there is 17% more space for service.
  • Actively assisted opening and closing of the service lid with 2 gas struts.
  • Larger opening angle with safe open position (vertical) for even better access.
  • 2-year guarantee and service throughout Switzerland.
  • Watertight - permanently dry manholes (water protection regulation).
  • Load in accordance with DIN EN 124 (>16tons wheel load) equipped for 60 tons truck.
  • Easy installation and removal of the entire cover thanks to the lightweight, flat sandwich construction.
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