Cordless impact wrench 1/2" WR36DG (Basic) (HSC III)

- 36V (Basic) Li-ion - 4-stage selector switch for setting different torque values - Brushless motor, largely maintenance-free - Control electronics (feedback control) - Electric brake - Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation - Absolutely recoilless working - Optimally positioned, separately switchable LED for a safe working environment - Dust and water protected to IP56 - Powerful, best-in-class torque, easy to operate, compact and lightweight - Vibration insulation between housing and battery - Nut lock with friction ring and locking pin - New airflow system for optimum cooling - The tool has four auto-stop modes for a wide range of applications and stops 1.2 seconds after the start of impact to prevent over-tightening of screws/bolts

Technical data

Bolts and nuts: M12-M33

High-performance bolts: M10-M27

Max. Fixed torque: 1400 Nm

Torque levels: 540/810/1,060/1,400 Nm

Max. Loosening torque: 2000 Nm

Idle speed: 0-600/900/1,200/1,500 min-1

Full load impact speed: 0-1,600/1,900/2,200/2,600 min-1

Tool holder: ½ inch external square drive

Dimension LxH: 221x288 mm

Weight: 3.2 kg

Scope of delivery


(HIK-System Case III)

WITHOUT battery and charger

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