HECTRONIC - Probe FDA USK 48 - ¾"

Suitable for wall or filling pipe installation for cubic tanks. Equally suitable for replacement or new installation. With 3/4" connection

Operating temperature range:
-30° C to +70° C, electrical data and connection values according to TTV, appendix 2, paragraph 22.

Design features:

- Flexible modular system, probe/connector mounting kit combination for all application criteria.

- compression fitting standard Gc 1"

- Probes 0 22 mm and spacer tube 0 14 mm made of Hostaform

- With imprinted installation scale

- Connection head made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide for connection of probe cable 0 5.0 - 7.2 mm, using connector sleeves 2.8 x 0.8 mm

Electrical connections:

A: blue

B: black

C: green

BC: lamp circuit

AC: photoresistor circuit

Probe and mounting kit are supplied separately. The probe cable is connected to the mounting kit.

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