ALLWEILER 3 vane pump

Allweiler vane pump made of high-quality gray cast iron and brass flap valves, with double or quadruple stroke. The total delivery head is up to 20 m. The vane pump is mainly used for filling vehicle tanks and heating systems as well as for pre-lubricating engines or generators. Allweiler vane pumps are manufactured 100% in Germany and are very durable and reliable vane pumps of the highest industrial quality. Thanks to their precise workmanship, our Allweiler vane pumps are the smoothest-running, most durable and most powerful vane pumps on the market.

Connection: 1¼"

Model: BG 3

Stroke: 82

Delivery rate: 53 l/min

Weight: 10.2 kg

Housing: gray cast iron

Vane: Brass

Color: RAL 6010 grass green

Delivery head: up to 20 m

Pumped liquid: heating oil, diesel, water (uncontaminated), low-viscosity oils (up to viscosity SAE50)

Suction height: 2 m without foot valve, max. 7 m with foot valve

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